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Cheeva Spa

At Cheeva Spa you will be nurtured and cared for by our certified and experienced therapists, as you are more than just a customer you are a part of our family. In traditional Thai Lanna style we will touch that warm place deep within you with all our heart to soothe and relax your body and soul. Using high quality products and traditional Thai Herbs we will ensure that your time here at Cheeva Spa is a pampered, relaxing, and pleasurable experience.

Spa Packages

  1. Lanna Healing Package : 2 Hrs. 1,400 Baht
    • Traditional Thai Body Massage/นวดแผนไทยโบราณ  60 Mins
    • Back Shoulder & Head Massage/นวดหลัง ไหล่ ศีรษะ  30 Mins
    • Thai Herbal Hot Compress Massage/นวดประคบสมุนไพร  30 Mins

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